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Do you have 10,000 hours free?
Can you afford £1,000,000 per week?

No me neither.

Which is why I have been so thrilled by the results from our unique Zen Satori chair. To achieve a similar level of ability in relaxation response from traditional meditation typically takes 10,000 hours over 10 to 20 years. If you want to experience the Zen Satori chair in Europe you would otherwise have to go to the world’s most expensive clinic, located in Switzerland. That is, if you have the one million pounds a week it costs to stay there.

The most exciting thing in Meditation since the Buddha sat down under that tree…


  • Meditation has highly significant proven health benefits

  • But meditation is too hard and takes too long to master

  • Zen Now delivers the benefits in moments rather than years


What people are saying about the Satori Meditation Plinth:

“Magical – like floating in fairy-land”

“Mind-boggling. Like having water flowing over me”

“An unbelievable level of relaxation”

“A memorable experience. I felt a buzz for rest of day”

“Like nothing I have ever experienced before”

“After the first 10-15 minutes it just absorbed me – all thoughts were gone”

“I started today’s session thinking there was no way I was going to relax – how wrong I was!”

“Afterwards I felt as I would expect to after a good cranio-sacral treatment – a sort of deep somatic equanimity!”


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Clinical Results and Experience

  • Used in over 100 cases of hip and knee replacement surgery in place of morphine, to reduce recovery time and surgical anxiety

Source: Virtua Joint Replacement Institute, data to be published next year.



  • 97% improvement in mood states amongst Iraqi war veterans with PTSD

Source: Tikrit Study, Iraq: The use of meditation to promote resilience in deployed medical personnel. Linda Gowenlock, Miami VA Hospital 2010


  • Designated “Contraindication free” by the US Army

Source: US Army correspondence, verification was required before the study could be completed in the battlefield in Iraq.


  • The world’s largest hospital, Brooke Medical Centre, has five paramedics on permanent ‘compassion fatigue patrol’ with the power to require any member of medical staff to sit for a 15 minute session on the spot. Reference: http://www.army.mil/article/9380/


  • 80% of NocturneTM Sleep Programme  users experience first night benefit

Source 1:  Theracoustic EEG Study 2012.

Source 2: Renfrew Centre (trauma and eating disorders) http://renfrewcenter.com


  • 87% success rate in drug rehab

Source 1: Experience from Küsnacht, the world’s most expensive clinic and NeuroNovo UK.

Source 2: Audio Therapy Significantly Attenuates Aberrant Mood in Residential Patient Addiction Treatment. Berg et al. J Addict Res Ther 2011, S3 http://dx.doi.org/10.4172/2155-6105.S3-001


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