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Candida, thrush, yeast, bacterial infection

This is an extremely common infection of the vagina that is suffered by most women at some time in their lives.

Orthodox Medicine

Anti-fungal creams such as Canesten are very effective in most “one-off” attacks of thrush. Sometimes an oral drug such a Diflucan is also very effective and I do use these approaches to treat acute thrush. The more challenging cases are those of chronic thrush where the thrush does not clear up on the above treatment or it does clear up but then recurs frequently needing many courses of treatment and still not resulting in resolution of the problem.

Orthodox tests are sometimes necessary to confirm the diagnosis and to eliminate any underlying condition (e.g. diabetes) that may be predisposing any women to recurrent attacks of thrush.


A constitutional approach aiming at optimising the body’s immune response often leads to improved overall health with much increased resistance to all fungal infections including thrush.

Autogenic Therapy

If stress is a factor in predisposing you to thrush (and it often is in my professional opinion) a course in this deep relaxation system can be most helpful.

Nutritional Approach

I will check that your diet is balanced as some unhealthy diets can be a factor in the causation of this condition.

Overall thrush is a condition that responds well to complementary approaches in terms of prevention of attacks. In terms of treating acute attacks of thrush, I tend to favour orthodox treatment as it really is very effective in most cases.


Leaky Gut

"I will never forget how you, with your Chinese medicine, were the only medical practitioner who was able to help me when you diagnosed leaking gut syndrome"