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Our fertility treatment is twice as effective as IVF

New scientific research was published in October 2011 that showed that women taking Chinese herbal medicine were twice as likely to get pregnant as those on IVF programmes, and three-and-a-half times more likely than women taking drug treatments such as Clomid. Read more about this here.

There are, of course, many different reasons that account for the difficulty that couples have in getting pregnant. That’s why it’s important to talk to an expert who can diagnose your problem and put together a treatment plan to address it.

Read more about how Chinese medicine, including acupuncture nearly doubles the success of IUI (intrauterine insemination)


The best complementary health backed by the best Doctors

The New Medicine Group is uniquely able to help you on your journey towards a baby. Because our team consists of expert medical doctors as well as the best acupuncturists, herbalists and nutritionists, we can give you access to all the necessary medical testing that will determine underlying problems such as PCOS, blood clotting problems or immune-system issues, as well as treating you with the most natural and safe methods available.

We can work with both partners or just one of you, depending on your needs.


Speak to a fertility expert now

We expect that you’ll have many questions that you’d like to discuss, or perhaps you just want to make sure that we are the best team for you to work with.

You can call us directly on 0845 676 9699 with your fertility questions. That’s free expert advice at your fingertips.


How we will help you

During an initial consultations, we’ll go through the important lifestyle and medical factors that are most influence your fertility and your pregnancy – both positively and negatively – and coach you on all the various things you both can do to get into the best possible shape.

If you want to find out more, the easiest thing to do is call us on 0845 6769699 and we’ll help you find the right approach for you

If you’ve been trying for a while we will immediately get started identifying and treating potential problems. If you’ve only just started trying, then if there are any problems, the earlier they are identified, the easier and quicker they are likely to be fixed.

We offer a whole range of different natural therapies that will get you in the best shape to conceive and have a good pregnancy. Our Acupuncture & TCM Team particularly specialise in fertility work.

Our 300 years of clinical experience mean that we have seen and helped all these problems. We provide fertility treatment that emphasises natural conception, but we of course also help couples using assisted conception techniques like IVF orIUI, using acupuncture and other natural gynaecology techniques.


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Call us on 0845 6769699 or email us. All calls are completely confidential and we will treat you with the respect and sensitivity that you deserve.


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