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Ketogenic diet

Dr Damien Downing writes;


The what diet?

Ketogenic diet is very-low carb, and high fat. There is enormous interest in scientific circles right now; there are regular conferences.

KD appears to be the only thing that will help some people with epilepsy and brain injury, when no drug can.

There is good reason to think KD will help in cancer therapy

KD  stabilizes blood sugar and corrects obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome

It even helps in fatty liver (wheher from alcohol or not)


Humans are designed to be mainly oil-fuelled; every cell in the body has the equipment for breaking down fats and oils into molecules that can be burned, in mitochondria, for energy. But we have somehow come to believe that fat is bad for us, and that the reward we deserve for being good is something sweet – a carbohydrate.


But it isn’t fat that makes you fat, gives you diabetes, makes you ill; it’s sugar and carbs. Pretty much everybody gets more carbs than they need. When people who are overweight and/or developing diabetes are put on a ketogenic diet, they lose an average of 2 stone in the first 6 months. The Atkins Diet was a sort-of ketogenic diet, although we can do it better nowadays.


Too much sugar or carbs is bad for you in several ways:

Sugar is laid down as fat, under the skin, in the muscles, even in the liver, and leads to insulin resistance – the start of Type 2 Diabetes. This increases your risk for heart disease and cancer

Sugar feeds unfriendly organisms such as candida, which can cause chronic debilitating symptoms

Sugar also feeds cancer; cancer cells are degraded cells that depend on sugar for energy in a way that healthy cells do not. Also sugar can block the effect of vitamin C on cancer cells.


A warning

Ketogenic diet is becoming the foundation, the first step on the road back to health for many people. But it is not the whole solution; you have to build on that foundation. We can help you to do that.

Even if you once thought there was going to be a magic bullet,  a one-drug-fixes-everything solution, you have probably realised by now that it’s not going to happen.