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The crisis of sperm quality & male fertility

We find it amazing that male infertility is such a common problem, but so ignored. This is partly because Western medicine has very little or nothing to offer in this area, and partly because our culture doesn’t encourage men to get as involved in fertility as perhaps they should. There is no doubt that many men would rather do just about anything apart from discuss the quantity, quality or motility of their sperm.

As men, we understand this & have set ourselves the task of making it easier for men to to understand any problems that exist with their sperm or semen, and set about fixing those problems. We can offer a large percentage of sub-fertile & infertile men not just hope, but a clear improvement in sperm count, morphology, motility and liquefaction.

This is incredibly important because we have seen many women go through IVF when all that was needed to achieve a natural pregnancy was for the male factor to be treated.


• An A-Z of terms used to describe male sub-fertility


One size doesn’t fit all

Our programme has been designed to address all aspects of male factor infertility, and improve your chances of getting pregnant significantly.

But it’s important to realise that there is no one single treatment that will help all men. Therefore, there is no ‘standard’ programme – we configure the treatment approach to the specific problem that you have.


The 4-stage plan

There are 4 core stages to the programme:

  1. TestingWe always start with a comprehensive sperm analysis. If you have recently had a test you may not need further testing, and we can work from your existing test information.
  2. Assessment. Consultations take place at our Harley Street clinic. Here we will review your test results, and also examine your full medical history, review your diet and lifestyle, and identify any immediate changes that you can make to improve your sperm health. There are often a number of lifestyle changes that can have significant impact.
  3. Comprehensive treatment plan. We will provide you with a comprehensive plan to address the problems that we find. The specific elements of the plan will depend on what we are treating. The next section describes what may be included in the treatment plan.
  4. Retesting. The duration of treatment depends on the problem you have. For example, it takes around 3m for a sperm to mature from the point it is first formed – so if you have a problem with sperm morphology, there wouldn’t be much point testing before 3m of treatment. However, if your problem is semen-related (for example, liquefaction), then results may be quicker and we can retest sooner.


The 4 elements of the comprehensive treatment plan

  1. A nutritional plan to support sperm production and semen quality.
  2. We will provide detailed advice on aspects of your current lifestyle that are negatively impacting your fertility. Stress, overwork, lack of sleep, many prescription drugs, household solvents and your underwear all can have a huge effect on sperm count and semen quality. We’ll give you the facts and the easy to implement changes you need to make.
  3. A treatment plan, which may include acupuncture, herbal medicine and supplementation with neutroceuticals. We will configure this to fit your needs and your budget. There is excellent evidence supporting the importance of each of these elements in maximising fertility.
  4. Because some of the tests that you may need are available free through the NHS, we will also help you to request these tests from your GP or hospital specialist.


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