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Family & colleague issues


With divorce at an all time high, it is not surprising that many families are unhappy or even dysfunctional. The causes may be many but there is one method that always helps – effective communication. For a brief period in my childhood, our family instituted a weekly Family Meeting when everyone could have their say. I scorned them at the time, but I never forgot them and they had a lasting impact. When a family comes to me for a few sessions of Provocative Therapy, they are simply being encouraged to have a useful Family Meeting.

The humour of Provocative Therapy, tends to put everyone at ease and provides a light atmosphere where important subjects can be discussed without ‘getting heavy’ about them. A few sessions of Provocative Therapy are often sufficient to get a previously troubled family to meet and talk in the same way at home. When they do that, the chances of them solving any family problem themselves, are very high.


Experiencing Provocative Therapy

Provocative Therapy has had a significant and ongoing impact on me. The session itself forced to the surface a few truths about myself and my life which I had previously been reluctant to admit to myself. That I found helpful and enlightening. However the real shock came when I watched myself on film afterwards. I was rather dreading having to view myself, especially in such an open and vulnerable position. But nothing prepared me for the shock I had when I firstswitched on the tape. For the first time, I think ever, I was able to view myself objectively. It was not like looking in the mirror or seeing myself on film; never before had I seen myself interact naturally like that. I was surprised how pertinent the contradiction was between the idea I had of myself and how I really appeared. This initial jolt certainly had the most impact but now I’m grateful to have the film so that I can revisit it whenever I need to. Each time it’s almost like going through another session. It forces me toreally look at myself and listen to what I’m saying and to understand that there is a difference between my own, often warped perspective, and the truth in front of me. Louisa Gamon - London