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High blood pressure, heart irregularities, chest pain & angina


All these symptoms are due to a problem with the way in which your heart (and the related veins and arteries) is working. Raised blood pressure can also be due to a problem with another organ such as the kidneys. It is necessary to establish whether the symptoms are due to a physical or functional cause. A physical cause is one where the structure of the organ system has become compromised, whereas a functional cause is a loss of function with no apparent physical basis.

Both causes are treatable, but the treatment is likely to vary according to the findings. This holistic method is quite different compared to the conventional approach, where the treatment is likely to be very similar.

Hypotension (low blood pressure) is usually ignored as a problem in this country, as it is seldom dangerous. However, it can affect quality of life significantly, and may be relatively easy to help.

The holistic approach utilises techniques such as acupuncturedietary therapy, nutritional supplements, herbal medicinebodywork and relaxation, meditation and breathing to change the physical or functional problem.


Dr Downing patient, Parkinson's Disease

"In September I was diagnosed with early Parkinson’s disease. As a fit 60-something this came as quite a blow. Dr Downing quickly started me on both oral and injected nutrient therapy. So far I have only had 6 injections, but already I’ve felt dramatic improvements. The numbness and the pins and needles have almost gone; my walking is better and I have more energy and strength; I can now do things again that I had lost, like holding a fork and brushing my hair; I’m sleeping better, and I’ve even got back my sense of smell which had been gone for several years!"