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English Lamb with 14 Herbs

posted on 12th June 2011 by Stefan Chmelik




– Seasonal English lamb, marinated with pomegranate molasses, smoked paprika, herbs (rosemary, thyme, bay) & lemon
– Herb pesto of coriander, mint and almond
– Smashed potato & feta with chives & parsley layered on green herb & foraged salad of dandelion, pea shoot, cress & rocket
– Roast artichoke puree with dill

A simple and easy to cook dish using seasonal and local ingredients with a slight twist. Basically just chuck it all in a bowl, give it a stir and then pop under the grill. Some fun side dishes are also suggested, again featuring lots of fresh herbs. Quantities are not important: and you can try different herbs if you like.

– English lamb chops, 4
– Pomegranate molasses, 3 tbspn
– Smoked paprika, 1 tspn
– Whole almonds, handful
– Parmesan, about 30g
– New potatoes, 500g
– Feta, 150g
– Jerusalem artichoke, 1kg
– Olive oil, a lemon, sherry vinegar, garlic optional

 English Lamb with 14 Herbs

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