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Dr Brian Kaplan on Weight problems, obesity, metabolic syndrome & difficulty gaining weight

posted on 8th September 2012 by Dr Brian Kaplan

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A medical diagnosis needs to be made if possible. However, tests often reveal very little. Mostly obesity and weight problems are mainly psychological.



Obesity has become a huge health issue for both adults and children in recent times. The health risks are only one aspect of the problem because for many of us our body image can pre-occupy our minds reflecting a precarious sense of self-esteem. Many people feel unattractive, unlovable and a failure at times simply because they are overweight.

Hundreds of new diet books are published every year. The reason there are so many is that none of them really work in the long-term. The key to losing weight is to eat a healthy diet and exercise. But how do you motivate yourself to do this?


What Provocative Therapy offers

Overweight people know what they have to do in order to lose weight. In addition they have been told what to do, how to do it, and read it in many books. The problem is not lack of information or even intelligence – there are some very intelligent overweight people out there – but lack of motivation to exert self-control and self-discipline.

Most people do not like being told what to do. That’s why I never tell overweight people to exercise and eat sensibly in moderation. That’s far too easy, as well as being somewhat patronising. Instead they are likely to find themselves in a rigorous yet amusing conversation with me where I use reverse psychology (the essence of Provocative Therapy) to get them to tell me how they are going to lose weight and convince a very sceptical me that they are capable of doing it. This is just one of the strategies I use (there are over 26 ways of therapeutically provoking people) and as every case is different, a specific provocative tool is chosen just for you. One that will be the catalyst to galvanise you into action!

Provocative Therapy sessions are recorded on audio and video/DVD so patients can observe their defences in this negotiation, which are usually rendered obsolete by the end of a short series of consultations – generally 4 to 5 sessions of Provocative Therapy really does the trick.

Provocative Therapy is an excellent choice for those who want to lose weight*.

* Where the issues are more complex, as in anorexia nervosa and/or bulimia, this will require a longer series of consultations and not every patient would be suitable for this approach.

 Dr Brian Kaplan on Weight problems, obesity, metabolic syndrome & difficulty gaining weight

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