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Nutritional supplement to kill tummy bugs

posted on 10th October 2017 by Bonny Williams

This nutritional supplement combination is great for a seasonal boost, to help you get over stomach bugs and upsets and if you order on the phone from Nutri-link you can get the strength which will really make the difference.

The Vitamin D in this formula will help maintain your body’s natural defences against stomach upsets.  Vitamin D is made by your body, but it needs direct sunshine to do so.  This means supplementation during the winter months is important.

The probiotic will supplement the good bacteria in your gut which is especially important if they have been overwhelmed by the “bad” ones during a bout of stomach upset. Research shows that taking probiotics can help shorten a bout of traveller’s diarrhoea, as well as colds and flu and other common bugs.

You may have noticed that probiotics are even available in the supermarket these days, with lots of brands to choose from. Their active ingredients are measured in millions of active or live organisms and the ones I recommend below (from Nutri-link), are much higher than the ones available in the yoghurt aisle! When it comes to friendly bacteria, the more the better, but you should aim for at least 10 million.

The oregano oil extract is a strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent. This means that it will kill off nasties which have come from a bout of food poisoning, and also viruses which you have caught from coming into contact with someone else who had it. Oregano is a brilliant natural remedy but because it is very strong, you should take care NOT to take it at the same time as your probiotics.


Bio-D-Mulsion Forte 2 drops a day in liquid
S. Boulardii (probiotic) 1 with breakfast and dinner (or 20 mins before)
ADP (oregano oil extract) 2 at lunch time, 2 at bedtime


Order now  from Nutri-Link on 08450 760402

All these items can be ordered over the phone (UK only), say Stefan Chmelik referred you.

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