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Dr Brian Kaplan on Eczema & Dermatitis

posted on 7th September 2012 by Dr Brian Kaplan

Eczema is a very common condition both in childhood and adulthood that while never threatening life, is capable of causing a lot of misery and discomfort for people suffering from it. Dermatitis is much the same thing as eczema. The main difference is that some forms of dermatitis with specific causes, such as allergy to a contact such as nickel, are not generally called ‘eczema’. Most cases of eczema are not related to specific allergies.

It can occur in all ages and many cases present in early infancy where it is a problem because young babies scratch the scratching can cause infection of the eczema making the whole situation much worse.

I have found that a multi-pronged approach to this problem is capable of producing very satisfactory results.

An homeopathic remedy will definitely be prescribed after I’ve taken a full case from you. Some cases of eczema respond very well to homeopathy and a book has been written by a homeopath purely on the treatment of eczema with homeopathy. I have seen some patients respond well to accurately prescribed homeopathic remedies. I have treated many children with eczema successfully with homeopathy and some slight nutritional changes. Patients with eczema, especially children, have always been a big part of my medical practice and I certainly believe a holistic approach to eczema is advisable before the steroid creams are prescribed – except in the most extreme cases.

Diet and Supplements

I will give advice on diet and prescribe supplements to all cases. Supplements of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals can be very useful in treating many cases of eczema. Some cases may need very specific dietary adjustments such as exclusion of milk, eggs or citrus products.

New Medicine Group

My colleague, Stefan Chmelik, is an expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and he also has excellent results with eczema so we are able to discuss at our weekly clinical meetings, any cases that we think could benefit from each other’s approach. If an allergic element is present, I will consult my colleague, Damien Downing. Overall the NMG is very optimistic in treating childhood eczema.





 Dr Brian Kaplan on Eczema & Dermatitis

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