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Dr Brian Kaplan on Chronic Fatigue, PVFS, Fibromyalgia & Tiredness

posted on 6th September 2012 by Dr Brian Kaplan


This very debilitating problem is a challenge for both orthodox medicine and holistic practitioners.

Orthodox Medicine

Because this condition is difficult to diagnose and all tests are usually normal, orthodox medicine does not have a lot to offer in the treatment of Post-viral fatigue.


I will always prescribe a remedy that suits the total symptom picture. Cases vary enormously and so different people suffering from this syndrome require different homeopathic remedies.

Autogenic Therapy

As fatigue is the main symptom, a deep relaxation technique is a logical treatment and I recommend a course of Autogenics to nearly all patients suffering from this condition.


A healthy diet is essential in the treatment of this condition and I try to ensure that all patients eat regular and healthy meals.

Provocative Therapy

I only use this in patients who recognise that in their particular case, psychological factors are very important and are willing to have some painful facts about themselves mirrored to them in the empathic, warm, satirical world of reverse psychology and Provocative Therapy.

 Dr Brian Kaplan on Chronic Fatigue, PVFS, Fibromyalgia & Tiredness

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Chronic fatigue

"I first got ill at the age of 28 and started on a 12-year downward path (later diagnosed as ME) which left me bedridden for years. I wasn't even strong enough for a longer telephone conversation, so my husband had to discuss my situation with Dr. Downing! I started improving almost immediately and quite soon I was able to start doing my own telephone consultations! Four years later I was strong enough to tolerate the EPD treatments for food and chemical sensitivities; after 5 years I cooked my first meal again, and after exactly 10 years I was able to travel abroad on holiday. Dr. Downing's immensely skilful, patient and good-humoured help had given me back my life."