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Dr Brian Kaplan on Anxiety and Panic Attacks

posted on 6th September 2012 by Dr Brian Kaplan

Anxiety is a huge area and most of us suffer from it from time to time. For some people, it governs their lives and panic attacks, an extreme form of it, are frightening and distressing.

Orthodox Medicine

Anti-anxiety drugs such as Valium and many others are effective in the short term but can make people feel like zombies. Worst of all they can be highly addictive making them a very inferior form of controlling anxiety and panic attacks in my opinion. Psychotherapy (of all types) can certainly help anxious people but not everyone, least of all the NHS, can afford long term psychotherapy.


Homeopathy has many remedies to treat the anxiety depending on how it manifests and I’ve been heartened to see many patients with severe anxiety improve on
homeopathic remedies.


Deep relaxation is an excellent way of dealing with anxiety. All patients with anxiety and/or panic attacks consulting me are recommended strongly to embark on a course of this profoundly effective relaxation technique.

Provocative Therapy

Sometimes people are made anxious by things that even they know are clearly absurd. Provocative Therapy allows me to hold up a mirror to these people in an absurd but warm and empathic way. When many patients see this absurd reflection of their problems, they often laugh and let go of a great deal of anxiety.

 Dr Brian Kaplan on Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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