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Stefan Chmelik on Endometriosis

posted on 7th September 2012 by Stefan Chmelik


How did I get this?

I see a lot of women who have been given a diagnosis of endometriosis, most commonly following investigations for painful periods. Usually the pain has been getting worse for some time, and it is this that has taken them for an investigation. It can be an upsetting and confusing diagnosis, with conflicting advice as to what to do about it. As well as pain being likely, fertility may be compromised.

Chinese Medicine has a long established and successful history of treating most women’s health issues, and particularly menstrual pain and dysfunction, as well as infertility. We refer to endometriosis as a form of blood stasis. This means blood tissue that is in the wrong place or is not flowing as it should. This is a pretty exact description of endometriosis. Treatment is to eliminate the endometrial tissue and to reestablish balanced blood flow and hormonal function. The best way to achieve this is usually by combining acupuncture and herbal medicine, and nutritional and dietary factors are also sometimes important as well.

From a holistic perspective, the endometriosis is not so much the disease as one of its manifestations. Just removing the tissue surgically or taking oral hormones may offer temporary relief in some cases, but most often the condition will simply return if the underlying cause is not addressed.


 Stefan Chmelik on Endometriosis

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