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Stefan Chmelik on Eczema & Dermatitis

posted on 7th September 2012 by Stefan Chmelik

The treatment of choice

Treating skin problems is one of my main enthusiasms, mainly because the Chinese Medicine system is so effective with these very common problems. It is very rewarding for me to be able to help people who have tried many things before, and continue to suffer and have had their lives effected so dramatically.

Herbal medicine is undoubtedly the treatment of choice for skin problems. Acupuncture, dietary and nutritional therapy can also be very helpful, and will often be combined in a treatment programme.

When using herbs, I perform a simple blood test to make sure people are not reacting badly to the herbs, and I only use top quality herbs from RCHM approved suppliers.

Eczema, also commonly referred to as dermatitis, comes in several distinct forms, and each requires a different treatment. Atopic eczema is inherited and is common in children, whereas nummular, discoid, pompholyx (hand or foot) and vascular or stasis eczema tend to effect only adults. For treatment to be effective, a specific and individual combination of herbs needs to be taken, which will take into account the way the problem presents on your skin, as well as your constitutional needs. This approach tends to lead to recovery that is long lasting.

 Stefan Chmelik on Eczema & Dermatitis

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