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Stefan Chmelik on Chronic Fatigue, PVFS, Fibromyalgia & Tiredness

posted on 6th September 2012 by Stefan Chmelik

Sick and tired of being tired and sick?

Anyone who has had ongoing tiredness will know that it is very different from just being worn out from a hard day. These types of tiredness, better described as lethargy, do not go away simply from having a good nights sleep, and often only small amount of activity will leave you feeling exhausted for days.

When working with people who are chronically tired, my approach is first to ensure I fully understand what has brought them to this state. Your story is individual, and the holistic approach is to look at all aspects of what has happened in the past and is going on for you now, to be able to identify what will provide the best assistance for recovery. I often see people who have had previous exposure to a virus or a reaction to medication or toxic chemicals. Adrenal exhaustion from prolonged over work, stress or trauma is also common.

Recovery can sometimes be surprisingly fast, when a particular cause can be established, but often it can take some time for symptoms to decrease and energy levels to improve and recover. I tailor each treatment plan to the individual, but a plan will often include stress management through discussion, acupuncture and exercises; eliminating toxic elements through diet; strengthening the immune system and increasing energy with herbal medicine. If pain is part of the problem, remedial massage can be very helpful as well.

 Stefan Chmelik on Chronic Fatigue, PVFS, Fibromyalgia & Tiredness

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