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Healthful in January, as easy as 1-2-3

posted on 17th January 2016 by Stefan Chmelik

During January I am not drinking alcohol or eating meat, which is no small thing for someone who is half Polish and half Scottish! Doing this allows me to focus on the quality of what I am eating and be mindful of the affects on mind and body, inspiring the 1-2-3 process for the start of this special Crimson Monkey Year.




1. Food Plan 1-2-3

  • Discover your Genotype for optimal health and fitness
  • Get a report with food and supplement plan
  • Our unique blood test measures 44 markers in detail
Enquire or make an appointment now, specify Personalised Food Plan 1-2-3
2. Sleep Now 1-2-3
  • Zen Acupuncture sessions = relax whilst experiencing profound meditation on the Satori VibrAcoustic System
  • Nocturne + Sleepphones = brain training audio at home via wireless phones whilst you sleep
  • Zen tincture + Weleda Stress Relief Oral Spray = instant calmer

Enquire or make an appointment now, specify Sleep Now 1-2-3


3. Detox 1-2-3

  • Switch to Biodynamic

The evidence against chemical additives in personal & household products continues to mount up. I am a life-long Weleda user & use nothing else, as there are no purer or more effective personal care products on the planet. Now is the time to detox your home environment & swap your ‘natural organic’ products to the people who invented biodynamics.


  • Free Wellbeing Consultation

As a nearly nearly 100 year old company, the Welda range is extremely comprehensive, so I recommend a free consult with Weleda Wellbeing Advisor Bonny Williams:
Call 07957 668604

Email me


  • Winter Health Bundle Offer

Packed with ingredients that contain healing qualities for you & your family. Winter Bundle contains:
– Cold Relief Spray
– Blackthorn Elixir 200ml
– Lavender Relaxing Bath Milk 200ml

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Or speak to us on 0845 67 69 699
 Healthful in January, as easy as 1 2 3

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