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Dr Damien Downing on Digestive disorders

posted on 6th September 2012 by Dr Damien Downing

Impaired digestion is at the root of many chronic complaints. Dr Downing has been actively involved in this area for many years.


EPD for hay fever

posted on 14th June 2011 by Gerard Frith

Global warming means unpredictable weather. Tree pollens can now start appearing as early as late-February and people living in towns can suffer more than country-dwellers. If you suffer from hay fever, take action now to prevent the symptoms starting.


Vitamin B Benefits

posted on 2nd December 2010 by Gerard Frith

It was nice to see a positive story on vitamins published last month. An American study reported that older people with “mild cognitive impairment” (forgetting names, that sort of thing) did better when taking B vitamins. Specifically they looked at levels of homocysteine and the B vitamins known to affect it.