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Stefan Chmelik on Pelvic pain

posted on 8th September 2012 by Stefan Chmelik


Problems in the pelvis can present differently and have a number of causes (read A Headache in the Pelvis by Wise for more information). Some of these are quite separate from each other, but I have come to learn that many of them are versions of the same overall problem, which has certain common factors in all women and men.

Women in particular may have been given a number of these diagnoses over several years of symptoms, with each having been treated as if it were a different problem. Genital pain, especially where sex is made difficult, is particularly distressing, and conventional medicine offers few acceptable options for treatment. Surgical procedures are almost never successful for these problems and carry their own risks, and repeated courses of antibiotics destroy the immune system, leading to a chronic version of the problem.

Although sometimes easy to cure, these problems can be complex and require longer-term treatment, particularly when a lot of interventions have already been given. It is essential to take a very thorough and careful case history, so the precise level of the common factors that are usually present can be identified. Once this is known, a tailored treatment plan can be put together that deals holistically with the whole problem.

The components of a treatment plan can include acupuncture, bodywork, herbs and diet. Special breathing, relaxation and muscle exercises have also been shown to be very helpful for certain people, and I use a lot of this in my work. For a certain number of people, there may be a traumatic or distressing event that is linked to their symptoms, and there are gentle and supportive ways that this can be approached and worked with.

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 Stefan Chmelik on Pelvic pain

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