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Give the Ultimate Present

posted on 20th November 2010 by Stefan Chmelik

There are now numerous studies that seem to point to the secret of happiness: one thing that has a consistently positive effect is the simple ability to be aware of the present. Referred to as Mindfulness, this is the art of paying attention to each moment in time, being able to keep your attention “in the now” and to avoid your mind wandering to past events or day dreaming about future possibilities.

Because it is only in the present that any of us can actually be happy: you may remember past laughter or hope for future joy, but you can only really be happy right now. Mindfulness is a skill that can be taught and learned and which improves with practice. It’s not complex, but it is extremely hard to do. On a recent retreat I attended with Jon Kabatt-Zinn, the pioneer of Mindfulness talked about meditating “as if your life depended on it. Which of course it does…”. One could say that you only have moments to live, but as life is an infinite number of moments, one after the other, ‘all’ you have to do to be fully alive is to notice every moment. This is something you can try to bring into your everyday life, by working, walking and eating mindfully. Millions of people are finding that practising Mindfulness meditation enhances their lives, so think about giving yourself the ultimate present – the present moment. Have a look at our website for more information.

 Give the Ultimate Present

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NG, Dublin

I’ve never had such a thorough or compassionate health assessment and I’m still a bit blown away by how it felt to be communicated with in this careful and respectful way.