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Autumn Chicken Stew

posted on 13th October 2017 by Stefan Chmelik

Autumn Treats: Chicken Goji Stew This is a variation of a tonic recipe classic I have used for many years and with a great number of people, as it is great for general health and vitality, as well as strongly promoting recovery from illness, childbirth or blood loss. Although particularly beneficial for women, anybody can […]


Dr Brian Kaplan on Endometriosis

posted on 8th September 2012 by Dr Brian Kaplan

Endometriosis is a condition that is caused by the tissue that normally lines the uterus (called endometrium) growing in any area of the body besides the lining of the uterus.


Stefan Chmelik on Endometriosis

posted on 7th September 2012 by Stefan Chmelik

Chinese Medicine has a long established and successful history of treating most women’s health issues, and particularly menstrual pain and dysfunction, as well as infertility.


Chinese medicine significantly improves the success of IUI (intrauterine insemination)

posted on 15th January 2012 by Gerard Frith

New research has again demonstrated that traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is highly effective in boosting fertility.


Chinese herbal medicine for fertility

posted on 19th December 2011 by Gerard Frith

It was great to see an excellent piece of research on the efficacy of Chinese herbal medicine for treating female infertility published last month.


Real/Raw Milk – The White Stuff

posted on 17th December 2011 by Stefan Chmelik

That white stuff from a carton you pour onto cereal in the morning or get steaming hot in a cappuccino, that’s called milk right? Well, maybe in the most general sort of way, a bit like a chicken nugget might be called ‘meat’.


Help from the Holistic Integrated Healthcare Team

posted on 3rd November 2011 by Gerard Frith

Our team of Professor, Doctors and expert clinicians combine the caring, patient-centred approach of complementary medicine with the reassurance and accuracy of modern science-based diagnosis and testing.