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Fascia: Your Body’s Hidden Sense Organ

posted on 12th October 2022 by Stefan Chmelik

Stefan Chmelik August, 2022     Fascia. It’s probably much more than you think it is. In this article I am going to touch on why fascia is really a sense organ, how it does many things we thought other tissues did and why this remarkable network of water suspended in a tensional net is […]



posted on 23rd February 2018 by Stefan Chmelik

Forget 2017, it’s Earth Dog FTW…   According to Hong Kong’s best Feng Shui masters the Year of the Earth Dog promises to be a great year. Dog years encourage kindness and acceptance, fairness and equality. Controversial issues are given their due, revolutions are successful, and politics are more balanced (phew!). Integrity and honesty lead to […]


Psychology Today talks Vagal Toning

posted on 29th November 2017 by Stefan Chmelik

Stefan Chmelik’s SENSATE hits the headlines again This week, the health press can think of nothing but Vagal Toning.  Ahead of the curve, Stefan Chmelik’s patent-pending invention, SENSATE has got everyone talking. The pre-orders are pouring in and Bioself Technology are delighted to be making progress toward their vision of helping the world relax.  This […]


Stefan Chmelik in the Daily Mail

posted on 27th November 2017 by Stefan Chmelik

Read Victoria Woodhall’s rave review for Stefan Chmelik’s SENSATE in the Daily Mail.


Vagal Toning by Stefan Chmelik

posted on 24th November 2017 by Stefan Chmelik

Vagus Nerve Stimulation by Stefan Chmelik, CEO BioSelf Technology   Hummingbirds are a mystery. They are incredibly small, and their hearts beat incredibly fast. All zoological precedent should dictate that their lives be drastically short. However, these bright little birds defy biological science by living five times the length their heart-fluttering physiques should imply.   […]


Why can’t I sleep when I want to? by Stefan Chmelik

posted on 8th November 2017 by Stefan Chmelik

Have you ever wondered why you always feel hungry at 11am even if you’ve just eaten breakfast? Or why you feel wide awake just as you’re supposed to be going to bed? In Chinese medicine the body is thought to run according to a “clock” which shows when the energy of different organs (or channels […]


Healthful in January, as easy as 1-2-3

posted on 17th January 2016 by Stefan Chmelik

During January I am not drinking alcohol or eating meat, which is no small thing for someone who is half Polish and half Scottish! Doing this allows me to focus on the quality of what I am eating and be mindful of the affects on mind and body, inspiring the 1-2-3 process for the start of this special Crimson Monkey Year.   […]


Spring Festival 2015

posted on 10th February 2015 by Stefan Chmelik

Information from the Newsletter   Appreciation Reward Scheme Research shows gratitude to be one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself – being grateful is good for you! I genuinely appreciate it when people send someone to me as a patient, and I have finally come up with a way to show my […]


One Chicken, Five Meals

posted on 17th September 2013 by Stefan Chmelik

How to Make One Chicken Last a Week   You and Your Chicken It’s time to break up with cheap chicken. If you have a £5 body, then buy a £5 chicken. Always insist on genuine organic free range, and this means more than reading the label. “Free range” can mean 10,000 chickens in a […]


Big Fat Lies – who stole your breakfast?

posted on 20th June 2013 by Stefan Chmelik

By Stefan Chmelik About the catastrophic consequences of the campaign against fat and how government and the food industry has deceived a generation into eating bad food for profit (and how Seventh-day Adventists hijacked your breakfast…)   Click here for full article – Fat Fallacies   This article first appeared in the RCHM Journal 2013