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Relaxation & Stress Management Programme

Relaxation & Stress Management

Stress is a much used and abused word these days. A certain amount of stress is needed for all of us, to provide motivation and creativity. However, the level and nature of stress that so many people are under today is quite unprecedented and unnatural, and leads directly to a number of common symptoms and problems, such as tiredness or insomnia, as well as making us much less effective in our lives generally.

Learning how to relieve stress is not so much a luxury as a necessity now, and there are a number of stress relief tools which can be used, some of which we will do for you, and others we will teach you how to do for yourself.

Every problem is worse when our stress level is higher than we can easily cope with, and this level is different for each person, or even for the same person at different times in their life. There are also some symptoms that are mainly due to and only occur when stressed, such as perhaps anxiety/panic attacks or a feeling that ‘it’s all too much’.

Becoming skilled in stress management and improving the relaxation response has far reaching effects and benefits that are impossible to appreciate until they have been experienced. Every facet of your life will improve, from personal and professional to your relationships, as well as your health and even life expectancy!

Elements of a personal plan can include:

  • CO2 assessment – CO2 levels are one of the primary markers for both stress levels and resilience
  • Breath training – learning to breath naturally using the core
  • Meditation and Mindfulness training, Deep Core Relaxation, Autogenic Training
  • Treatments such as acupuncture, massage, nutrition
  • Advice on diet and exercise
  • Lifestyle detox

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Stress Management and relaxation programme

This Stress Management programme is led by Stefan Chmelik and the initial consultation costs £150, which includes your written report detailing our assessment and programme. Call or email us to request more information or to make an appointment.