Leading Integrated Healthcare

Integrated Fertility Programme

Having a family may be very important to you, so you will want to make sure you increase your chances of success as much as possible, both for men and women.

Holistic medicine provides excellent results for fertility, and also increases the success rates of treatments such as IVF by around 60% when used in combination, and at a fraction of the cost.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine are generally regarded as the primary treatments, but nutritional therapy, relaxation and stress management.

We work directly with top gynecologists and radiographers in Harley Street, or are happy to provide our support to you while you are having fertility treatment at another clinic. We can use the results from any tests you may already have had done, or can send you for any test you may need, including semen analysis.

We do not use set protocols, as everybody is different. Each person or couple is assessed individually and a tailored plan produced through discussion of your needs and budget.

The programme is led by Stefan Chmelik. The initial consultation costs £150, which both partners generally attend, and which includes your written report detailing our assessment and programme. Call or email us to request an appointment or more information.