Leading Integrated Healthcare

The Integrated Consultation

The single most innovative service that the New Medicine group has to offer, the Integrated Consultation is unique in the UK.

There is nearly 300 years of clinical experience and wisdom in the combined NMG team. This benefits every single patient that comes to seek our support, as that wealth of experience is available to any of the team to call upon.

In cases where there is a particularly complex, serious or puzzling picture, The Integrated Consultation is your best option. This is where several members of the team meet you, and each uses their specialist knowledge and experience to see, hear and understand the circumstances that have led to your current health situation. Following your appointment, the team will suggest a treatment strategy that synergistically combines each of our unique viewpoints on healthcare into one integrated programme.

The consultation is relaxed and friendly, and you will be treated with care and respect. Many people have said, following an Integrated Consultation, that this is the first time they have felt truly seen and understood by doctors.

We do not recommend The Integrated Consultation for a first consultation. We always suggest someone has seen one of the gatekeeper physicians first, who then presents the totality of your case at the an Integrated Consultation, and the rest of the team then add the combined benefit of their experience towards the creation of a health programme.

At £1560, this programme is remarkable value. The fee provides you with:

  • An Initial Discovery Consultation, where a physician will spend an hour with you to understand your full history and story
  • The Integrated Consultation itself, where at least three expert physicians will meet with you find out about what ails you
  • Post-Consultation case discussion with the whole NMG team, where your particular concerns will be evaluated and where our 300 years of experience comes into full force
  • Profiling and lab testing, with full interpretation
  • Full Report with diagnosis, evaluation and outline of your Programme
  • The Programme Consultation – when your Programme will be explained to you for your agreement
  • The first three treatment sessions of your programme