Leading Integrated Healthcare

NMG Programmes


The Integrated Consultation

The single most innovative service that the New Medicine group has to offer, the Integrated Consultation is unique in the UK. find out more


Holistic Health Check

This is another service unique to New Medicine Group. The Holistic Health Check can look at every aspect of your overall health, integrating both recognised conventional tests alongside whole-person assessment and innovative ground breaking diagnostics. find out more


Holistic Longevity and Age Reduction Programme

People want to live long health lives, and to look as young as they can for as long as they can, and why not we say! Many people are also increasingly rejecting harsh surgical and chemical drug based options and looking for natural holistic solutions. find out more


Holistic weight loss & Detox plan

You are bombarded with news of the health crisis relating to increases in weight in developed countries, and a thousand solutions for combating this. You may well have tried, and failed, already at using many of them. find out more


Integrated Fertility Programme

Having a family may be very important to you, so you will want to make sure you increase your chances of success as much as possible, both for men and women. find out more


Personalised Nutrition Plan

There has never been a time when such a volume of information regarding food and diet has been available us, but this has only resulted in more confusion, with obesity increasing year on year. The health, social and emotional impacts of this are vast. find out more


Relaxation & Stress Management Programme

Stress is a much used and abused word these days. A certain amount of stress is needed for all of us, to provide motivation and creativity. However, the level and nature of stress that so many people are under today is quite unnatural, and leads directly to a number of common symptoms and problems, as well as us being much less effective in our lives generally. find out more