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Gynaecology – the ‘science of women’

We have years of experience helping women with the full spectrum of health problems you might experience. You’ll find more information about these on our individual pages for conditions such as:

We also support natural conception through our fertility services, as well as supporting assisted fertility programmes like IVF and IUI.

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Amenorrhoea Fibroids Pelvic inflammatory disease
Candida & thrush Heavy periods PMT/PMS
Cystitis Incorrect fetal position Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
Cysts Leucorrhoea Polyps
Dysmenorrhoea Menopause & osteporosis Vaginitis
Endometriosis Ovarian cysts Vulvodynia

How we will help you

Our philosophy is that every woman is an individual, with her own particular set of circumstances that need careful consideration and understanding before recommending a course of treatment.

Call us on 0845 6769699 or email us to find out which of our expert practitioners is best suited to helping you. All calls are completely confidential and we will treat you with the respect and sensitivity that you deserve.


Chronic fatigue

"I first got ill at the age of 28 and started on a 12-year downward path (later diagnosed as ME) which left me bedridden for years. I wasn't even strong enough for a longer telephone conversation, so my husband had to discuss my situation with Dr. Downing! I started improving almost immediately and quite soon I was able to start doing my own telephone consultations! Four years later I was strong enough to tolerate the EPD treatments for food and chemical sensitivities; after 5 years I cooked my first meal again, and after exactly 10 years I was able to travel abroad on holiday. Dr. Downing's immensely skilful, patient and good-humoured help had given me back my life."