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Urinary Problems & Cystitis


Interstitial Cystitis

A chronic condition of the bladder characterized by urinary urgency, frequency and pelvic pain in the absence of bacterial infection or other definable pathologies.

Irritable Bladder Syndrome

Uncontrolled contraction of the bladder wall (detrusor muscle) producing urgency and sometimes leakage (urge incontinence).



Chinese Herbs
Herbal tea and pills have been used to treat IC patients who were referred for herbal therapy as offered as a treatment alternative. A pilot study utilized the herbs in a tea twice a day for 6 days a week for 3 months, then once a day.

Of 25 patients, 61% had a significant decrease in pain at 4 weeks, and an additional 22% had a significant response at 3 months


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Dr Downing patient, Parkinson's Disease

"In September I was diagnosed with early Parkinson’s disease. As a fit 60-something this came as quite a blow. Dr Downing quickly started me on both oral and injected nutrient therapy. So far I have only had 6 injections, but already I’ve felt dramatic improvements. The numbness and the pins and needles have almost gone; my walking is better and I have more energy and strength; I can now do things again that I had lost, like holding a fork and brushing my hair; I’m sleeping better, and I’ve even got back my sense of smell which had been gone for several years!"