Leading Integrated Healthcare

Stefan Chmelik

MSc MRCHM MBAcC LicOHM DipAc DipCHM (Dermatology) ClinAc (Nanjing) CST I/II

  • Traditional Acupuncture & Herbal Physician
  • Food & Eating Expert
  • Breathing Coach & Mindfulness Mentor
  • Fascia & Bodyworker

Stefan Chmelik:

  • The UK’s Vagal Toning expert
  • Leading integrated healthcare expert
  • Pioneering stress management and Mindfulness consultant
  • One of the most experienced and highly qualified TCM practitioners of his generation
  • Inventor of the Sensate device and founder of www.getSENSATE.com


Special interests

  • Stress, anxiety, insomnia & trauma (PTSD), esp related to chronic pain
  • Chronic Pelvic / Bladder Pain / Prostate (CP/CPPS)
  • Male and female fertility and sexual function
  • Dermatology (skin)
  • Breathing and Mindfulness Meditation
  • Menstrual problems
  • Food, eating and the digestive system

About me

Treated with natural medicine since birth, Stefan made his first herbal remedy age 7, has been cooking since age 9 and started his journey into meditation before the age of 10. One of the most experienced and highly qualified whole-person healthcare practitioners of his generation, and the UK’s leading integrated TCM expert. He has been dedicated professionally to healthcare for the last 25 years and founded the pioneering New Medicine Group team over ten years ago, leading the way in integrated healthcare in the UK.

Stefan’s mission is to help people find their way towards the fullest possible health and happiness through programmes of focussed support, nourishment and mentoring.

“I have been a senior lecturer for many years, and set up the UK’s first Masters degree in Chinese Herbal Medicine. My Masters research study was into herbal toxicology. Mindfulness is a major tool I use in my work and I have a particular interest in the importance of breathing.

My own meditation practice started over 40 years ago, and has included extended Vipassana retreats and several years spent studying under Buddhist Masters, including Ajahn Sumedho, Abbot of Amaravati Buddhist Monastery and Tibetan High Llama’s. I have undertaken the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme (MBSR) training and have completed silent retreats under S.N.Goenka and Jon Kabat-Zinn, the founder of Mindfulness.

My interest in food goes back almost as far as my interest in herbs, which is before the age of 10. I am a keen advocate of traditional food, cooking and eating, and a very keen cook with a special interest in the idea of food as medicine. I am trying to find time to finish my second book, The Wise Cook.

Alchemy is the transformation of something basic or crude into something precious or sacred, synergistically, and where the whole is more than the sum of the parts. That is what I like to try and do with food and what I feel real cooking is about, and is what I try and impart to patients.

The wise application of herbs and spices to an understanding of food energetics and ingredient literacy creates food that is both nourishing and healing.

I am involved in the ‘new anatomy’ and the renewed interest following the discovery of fascia as a sensory organ.”

I have a special interest in the treatment of pelvic pain, skin problemsfemale health and male and female fertility, and stress and anxiety related problems.

Find out more about Stefan on our specialist website thrivehealth.co.uk


“In my 16 month period of severe pain and helplessness, for the first time It feels like someone else is taking some responsibility off my shoulder. I am so grateful!”