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Laurence Petersen M.D.

Laurence Petersen MD. MSc. BCST


  • Medical Doctor
  • Craniosacral Therapist
  • Therapeutic Pilates Practitioner
Laurence is a medical doctor with a background in performing arts and dance. He is a qualified Pilates therapist, holds a masters degree in complementary and alternative therapies and is a biodynamic craniosacral practitioner.
Laurence’s clinical focus is on the treatment of chronic back pain, recovery from ‘burn out’ and the exploration and treatment of psychosomatic conditions.
Laurence has practiced in London and Berlin for over 15 years and is developing his own method of working. He teaches practitioner training courses and postgraduate workshops in the UK and internationally. His main area of research focuses on how the therapeutic relationship affects tension patterns and nervous system responses.
Treatments offered
Therapeutic Pilates (for back pain, neck and shoulder problems, muscular skeletal pain, breathing retraining, embodiment)
Craniosacral Therapy (for anxiety, burn out, sleeping disorders, restlessness, irritable bowl syndrome, chronic pain)
Initial Consultation                75 min.  £150

Regular weekly sessions      50 min.  £95