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Winter 2013 New Medicine Group Newsletter

posted on 4th December 2013 by Stefan Chmelik

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Three Winter Stews to Nourish Body, Mind and Soul

posted on 28th November 2013 by Stefan Chmelik

  Real stock broth, the most important ingredient See article about the importance of real stock and how to make it   Beef & Prune Stew Add salt, pepper and tumeric to taste to some plain flour in a bowl. Heat fat (lard or dripping preferable) in a frying pan. Roll cubes of grass fed […]



posted on 19th October 2013 by Stefan Chmelik

Meditation and Brain Entrainment   Wahbeh H, Calabrese C, Zwickey H (2007). “Binaural beat technology in humans: a pilot study to assess psychologic and physiologic effects“. Journal of alternative and complementary medicine (New York, N.Y.) 13 (1): 25 – 32. doi:10.1089/acm.2006.6196.   Le Scouarnec RP, Poirier RM, et al. (2001). “Use of binaural beat tapes […]


Parkinson’s Disease

posted on 7th October 2013 by Dr Brian Kaplan

Dr Brian Kaplan writes: Parkinson’s Disease is a neurological problem that is can be difficult to treat – with either conventional or Whole Person medicine. A combination of approaches is what many patients choose. Of  the Whole Person therapeutic interventions the one I’ve found most useful in Parkinson’s Disease, is Autogenic Therapy.  Patients who learn […]


One Chicken, Five Meals

posted on 17th September 2013 by Stefan Chmelik

How to Make One Chicken Last a Week   You and Your Chicken It’s time to break up with cheap chicken. If you have a £5 body, then buy a £5 chicken. Always insist on genuine organic free range, and this means more than reading the label. “Free range” can mean 10,000 chickens in a […]


Pelvic Pain guidelines from the European Association of Urology

posted on 3rd July 2013 by Stefan Chmelik

The European Association of Urology highlights role of Physiotherapy in the treatment of Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome, as well as other non-invasive approaches: “Supportive therapies, such as biofeedback, relaxation exercises, lifestyle changes (i.e. diet, discontinuing bike riding), acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic therapy or meditation”   Click here: EAU:Chronic Pelvic Pain Click here: IC Treatment Guidelines   […]


Big Fat Lies – who stole your breakfast?

posted on 20th June 2013 by Stefan Chmelik

By Stefan Chmelik About the catastrophic consequences of the campaign against fat and how government and the food industry has deceived a generation into eating bad food for profit (and how Seventh-day Adventists hijacked your breakfast…)   Click here for full article – Fat Fallacies   This article first appeared in the RCHM Journal 2013


Professor David Peters on Fibromyalgia

posted on 13th May 2013 by Professor David Peters

Acute muscle pain usually begins suddenly. So you can generally recall a definite time and place when it was briefly overloaded; perhaps in a road accident, a near fall, a sports activity, heavy lifting, twisting or over-reaching.


Muscle Pain/Spasm and Tendon Pain

posted on 26th March 2013 by Bevis Nathan

Pain from muscle tissue is perhaps the commonest type of pain of all. The muscles are the biggest users of blood and energy in the body and account for the vast majority of nervous system activity. The whole point of having a body is to move; and this is the job of the muscles. Such […]


Neck, Shoulder and Arm Pain

posted on 26th March 2013 by Bevis Nathan

The neck, shoulder and arm form a complex system, taking a massive amount of coordinated nervous system control. Many arm problems (eg repetitive strains, tennis elbow) are predisposed by shoulder stiffness, and much arm pain originates in the neck (trapped or irritated nerve effect). Shoulder pain affects neck function, and because all the nerves that […]