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Dr Brian Kaplan on Urinary Problems & Cystitis

posted on 8th September 2012 by Dr Brian Kaplan

All these problems can overlap and can produce symptoms that are most irritating and debilitating leaving a woman in some discomfort most of the time.


Orthodox Treatment

There are various drugs and surgical techniques that are used none of which are totally optimistic or produce consistent results.


I have treated urethral discomfort and various forms of cystitis in women with very encouraging results for many years with homeopathic remedies. The remedy needs to be chosen carefully according to the details of the symptoms. A women who always gets cystitis symptoms after sex needs a different homeopathic remedy from a woman who has discomfort all the time. Nevertheless this is a condition well worth treating with homeopathy as most homeopaths will attest.

Autogenic Therapy

These conditions are often stress-related and when they are, a course of Autogenics can result in gratifying results.


These conditions, which are difficult to treat with conventional medicine, are well worth treating with an holistic approach. The New Medicine Group has taken a special interest in this particular group of problems. If you do not respond to a combination of the approaches listed above, I would present your case to the weekly group meeting and hopefully come up with alternative ways of treating you. We, at the New Medicine Group, are very keen to learn as much as we can about this troublesome group of conditions both from the medical literature and our combined experience.

 Dr Brian Kaplan on Urinary Problems & Cystitis

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