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BBC reports that Mindfulness Meditation changes your brain and stops pain

posted on 4th January 2012 by Stefan Chmelik

There are now around 40 peer-reviewed papers being published on Meditation and Mindfulness training (MBSR) EVERY MONTH! Mindfulness practice has been demonstrated to reduce pain, to alleviate depression and anxiety and to stimulate the immune system. Perhaps most importantly, developing a Mindfulness habit is one of the most reliable and consistent ways of fostering contentedness and human happiness.

It’s also free, simple to to do and available to anyone…

Brain scans of someone practicing Meditation and Mindfulness training (MBSR) show clear changes:
BBC (2012).

BBC (2012)

New Medicine Group focus on Meditation and Mindfulness training (MBSR) and Breathing retraining

 BBC reports that Mindfulness Meditation changes your brain and stops pain

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