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EPD for hay fever

posted on 14th June 2011 by Gerard Frith

Global warming means unpredictable weather. Tree pollens can now start appearing as early as late-February and people living in towns can suffer more than country-dwellers. If you suffer from hay fever, take action now to prevent the symptoms starting.
EPD stands for Enzyme Potentiated Desensitisation, a safe and effective treatment for allergies that has been in use for more than 30 years. It has been shown to work for inhalant, food, and chemical sensitivities. For hay fever EPD appears to be at least 80% successful.

EPD is administered by a very small injection intradermally (into the top layer of the skin, usually on the forearm) every few weeks. The injection contains an enzyme, beta glucuronidase, and minute doses of mixed allergens. EPD treats reactions to a number of different allergens without the need for a tailor-made formula for each one. Please visit this link for more information on EPD.

 EPD for hay fever

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"I first got ill at the age of 28 and started on a 12-year downward path (later diagnosed as ME) which left me bedridden for years. I wasn't even strong enough for a longer telephone conversation, so my husband had to discuss my situation with Dr. Downing! I started improving almost immediately and quite soon I was able to start doing my own telephone consultations! Four years later I was strong enough to tolerate the EPD treatments for food and chemical sensitivities; after 5 years I cooked my first meal again, and after exactly 10 years I was able to travel abroad on holiday. Dr. Downing's immensely skilful, patient and good-humoured help had given me back my life."