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Category Archives: Nutrition

Happy New Wood Horse Year

posted on 31st January 2014 by Stefan Chmelik

Year of the Yang Wood Horse starts on Jan 31st! This year’s celebrations will mark the beginning of the year 4712 on the Chinese calendar. The spirit of the horse could be said to be the ethos of China – making unremitting efforts to improve themselves. Not since it last occurred in 1954 has such a […]


Three Winter Stews to Nourish Body, Mind and Soul

posted on 28th November 2013 by Stefan Chmelik

  Real stock broth, the most important ingredient See article about the importance of real stock and how to make it   Beef & Prune Stew Add salt, pepper and tumeric to taste to some plain flour in a bowl. Heat fat (lard or dripping preferable) in a frying pan. Roll cubes of grass fed […]


We need new antibiotics like another hole in the head – writes Dr Damien Downing.

posted on 12th March 2013 by Dr Damien Downing

Antibiotics got us in this mess, so how are they likely to get us out of it?   Integrated doctors have been saying for decades that we prescribe too many antibiotics, with dire consequences. Now even the Chief Medical Officer says so — but she goes on to urge newer, more powerful antibiotics as the […]


So you want to know what to eat in January?

posted on 10th January 2012 by Stefan Chmelik

Your great grandmother is proven right – the best food to eat, and to control your weight, is the traditional diet (aka the leptin diet)


Winter Traditions: Goji Chicken Stew

posted on 18th December 2011 by Stefan Chmelik

This is a variation of a tonic recipe classic I have used for many years and with a great number of people, as it is great for general health and vitality, as well as strongly promoting recovery from illness, childbirth or blood loss.


Real/Raw Milk – The White Stuff

posted on 17th December 2011 by Stefan Chmelik

That white stuff from a carton you pour onto cereal in the morning or get steaming hot in a cappuccino, that’s called milk right? Well, maybe in the most general sort of way, a bit like a chicken nugget might be called ‘meat’.


How to make real stock

posted on 29th September 2011 by Stefan Chmelik

Why the modern diet is so bad and why making stock is one of the first essential steps back to traditional cooking and eating


Roast pumpkin chorizo soup finished with lime & tahini

posted on 20th December 2010 by Stefan Chmelik

There are still a lot of good gourds about, and here is one way to keep ‘em interesting. Roast pumpkin slices with olive oil, bay, thyme, salt & pepper.


Vitamin B Benefits

posted on 2nd December 2010 by Gerard Frith

It was nice to see a positive story on vitamins published last month. An American study reported that older people with “mild cognitive impairment” (forgetting names, that sort of thing) did better when taking B vitamins. Specifically they looked at levels of homocysteine and the B vitamins known to affect it.