Leading Integrated Healthcare
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15 experts with 300 years of combined clinical experience, and with over 100 books and 3 professional medical journals between us. Practicing in historic 144 Harley Street, we have unlimited enthusiasm and dedication to the pursuit of your health and happiness.


We don’t treat diseases…

We can see patients independently but we constantly consult with one another because 15 minds are better than one. So you can have a second and third opinion about your treatment right at the start. This saves you time, money and stress. And it means that when you book an appointment with, for example, one of our acupuncturists, you can also access the expertise of osteopaths, medical doctors, psychotherapists, nutritionists, allergists and many more.


…we treat people

In cases where there is a particularly complex, serious or puzzling picture, the Integrated Consultation is your best option. This is where several members of the group meet you, and each uses their specialist knowledge and experience to see, hear and understand the circumstances that have led to your current health situation. Following your appointment, the group will suggest a treatment strategy that synergistically combines each of our unique viewpoints on healthcare into one integrated programme.